The original Master-Film Ltd. was established in 1994. After having been sold, the new owners of Master-Film Ltd. made the strategic decision to restructure the company. As a result, its name and profile were transformed, Masterfilm Digital Ltd., as it exists in its present form, was founded in 1998. The same owners of the successor companies of Masterā€Film founded Digital Media Services in 2001.The company is controlled at present by three major shareholders, who have equal shares in each company. These shareholders have different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

At the moment, Masterfilm Digital Ltd. employs the services of approximately 70 people. For example, dubbing directors and sound editors, producers and mixing engineers belong to the technical and creative staff, including the administrative staff.

As Masterfilm Digital has been working for international partners for years, our staff has gained considerable and valuable experience in managing international relations in different fields of film, television, and media industry. We place great value and emphasis on loyalty to our partners through maintaining close and frequent contact with them.